My DVR is like a big clunky iPod…

I was watching Wilco on Saturday Night Live this weekend, they were awesome. Jeff Tweedy’s scratchy, lived-in voice was in full rasp and Nels Cline’s tone made me jealous in a way I haven’t felt since the 80’s when I was heavy into Adrian Belew. Wilco have quietly become one of my favourite bands, although I hardly think about them and I rarely talk about them. But I saw Jeff Tweedy solo a couple of years back, at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, and he was life-changingly inspired and inspiring. I went home and, like, wanted to write songs all the time again–like the old days when I thought rock and roll was my calling, it wasn’t, but it keeps calling. The way that Chinese lady calls our house every six months (because, I suspect, our phone number was misprintedly listed in an ad in a Chinese community newsletter.) Anyway, watching music on TV has changed for me since we decided to get a DVR. I now spend quite a bit of time combing the listings for things like Austin City Limits, PBS Soundstage and all the late night talk shows. This week, for instance, I got to hear Liam Finn play one of his great songs from his inventive and melodic new album I’ll Be Lightning on Letterman, Arcade Fire for a whole hour on Austin City Limits which also featured Bloc Party earlier in the week. And Conan, Jimmy Kimmel and even Craig Ferguson regularly have emerging bands on so it’s always fun to program these shows, go to bed and then fast forward through them next day to get to the music segments (always the last thing on). Often, I will have read about someone like Martha Wainwright or Lily Allen and then see their names pop up in the weeks talk show listings. In this way, my DVR is like a big clunky iPod, bringing me music in a different way than MTV or VH1 used to-back in the old days.

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