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Conjuction Junction Vol. 1

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9, 2008 by pulmyears

Okay, here’s a light break from heavier topics and real news. It’s a game I’m going to call Conjunction Junction. The rules: Take at least two band or act names and fuse them together. Then give a brief explanation of what the resultant act would sound like.

For instance:

Sly and the Family Stone Roses
Madchester baggy band, with bi-racial funk pop and penchant for coke-fuelled Raves.

The Pixies Styx Frank Black and Dennis DeYoung fronted band performing alternative rock versions of progressive excesses, such as This Roboto’s Gone to Heaven and Frank Black’s all-screaming version of Babe.

Sniff N The Teardrop Explodes Julian Cope playing “Driver’s Seat” with B-list Supertramp impersonators.

Mos Def Leppard: Late 90’s hip hop meets 80’s lite metal pop. Surprisingly lively version of Pour Some Sugar On Me, B**tch!

Jars of Clay Aiken Effeminate red-headed Christian rockers, first runners up on Vatican Idol.

Okay, it’s a silly game, I grant you.

So before I tell you what

Third Eye Blind Lemon Jeffer-Son Volt

might sound like,why don’t YOU tell ME some musical conjunctions? Write them as COMMENTS to this post and I’ll repost them as Conjuction Junction, Volume 2 when we’ve got enough.

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