Conjuction Junction Vol. 1

Okay, here’s a light break from heavier topics and real news. It’s a game I’m going to call Conjunction Junction. The rules: Take at least two band or act names and fuse them together. Then give a brief explanation of what the resultant act would sound like.

For instance:

Sly and the Family Stone Roses
Madchester baggy band, with bi-racial funk pop and penchant for coke-fuelled Raves.

The Pixies Styx Frank Black and Dennis DeYoung fronted band performing alternative rock versions of progressive excesses, such as This Roboto’s Gone to Heaven and Frank Black’s all-screaming version of Babe.

Sniff N The Teardrop Explodes Julian Cope playing “Driver’s Seat” with B-list Supertramp impersonators.

Mos Def Leppard: Late 90’s hip hop meets 80’s lite metal pop. Surprisingly lively version of Pour Some Sugar On Me, B**tch!

Jars of Clay Aiken Effeminate red-headed Christian rockers, first runners up on Vatican Idol.

Okay, it’s a silly game, I grant you.

So before I tell you what

Third Eye Blind Lemon Jeffer-Son Volt

might sound like,why don’t YOU tell ME some musical conjunctions? Write them as COMMENTS to this post and I’ll repost them as Conjuction Junction, Volume 2 when we’ve got enough.

4 Responses to “Conjuction Junction Vol. 1”

  1. Conjunction misfunction Says:

    Phishbone: you thought they had a heavy groove and then it was gone for awhile and then it came back

    the Grateful Dead or Alive: Effeminate dance music for old hippies

    Ratdog Star: Keaunu Reeves replaces Jerry Garcia

    …see my theme?

  2. How about one from a band I was in: Double Naught Spice Girls

    Myself teamed with Spice Girls in a “5-way”? No music description needed!

  3. pulmyears Says:

    Wade sent this to my email address (don’t do that, send it to this comments area, but thanks)
    Wade wrote on your Wall:

    Neil Young Marble Giants

    Gang of Four Aces.

  4. […] Conjunction Junction, Vol. 2 A few weeks back, I wrote about a game I like to play where I take at least two band or artist names, fuse them together, and then try and describe what the result would sound like (sort of like the music nerds version of Conan O’Brien’s If They Mated). You can see Volume one at the link here: […]

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