Conjunction Junction, Vol. 2

A few weeks back, I wrote about a game I like to play where I take at least two band or artist names, fuse them together, and then try and describe what the result would sound like (sort of like the music nerds version of Conan O’Brien’s If They Mated). You can see Volume one at the link here:

I invited you to send more to me via the comments section and that offer still stands,

Last time, Craig suggested a jam band theme:

Phishbone: you thought they had a heavy groove and then it was gone for awhile and then it came back

The Grateful Dead or Alive: Effeminate dance music for old hippies

Ratdog Star: Keaunu Reeves replaces Jerry Garcia

Wade suggested:

Neil Young Marble Giants: (nice pull out of YMG Wade!)

and Gang of Four Aces


Band of Joy Division – Early Robert Plant fills in for the late Ian Curtis to perform Mancunian-Black Country hybrid of blues alienation

Carly Simon & Gar-Funkadelic: Earnest singer songwriters get on the good foot with George Clinton.

James Last Poets: German easy listening versions of pre-rap Black power poetry slams (sung phonetically, of course, by a chorus of smile-voiced German singers.)

Afro Celt Sound System of A Down: Irish African fusion with anti-Bush political lyrics

Sugar Ray Stevens : hip hop tinged commercial “alt rock” novelty songs about hot button topics like Streaking.

And the big finish!

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings of Leon Russell: Retro Funk Soul with scrappy guitar rock, snarling vocals and boogie piano runs.

NOW, SEND ME YOUR OWN CONJUNCTION JUNCTIONS (click COMMENTS) and don’t forget to also describe what they would sound like!


2 Responses to “Conjunction Junction, Vol. 2”

  1. Thanks a lot Paul, I can’t stop thinking about this now. All day I’ve been blurting out “Steely Dan Hartman” and “Cheap Trick Daddy”. Not to mention you’ve completely tune-bombed me with School House Rock songs.

    So without going the obvious root of using first/last name combos (Elton John Lennon, Joe Jackson Browne), here are my most recent CJs:

    Scissor Sisters of Mercy
    -Modern glam rock with Horace Walpole inspired lyrics

    Twisted Sisters of Mercy
    -The opening drum riff from “We’re Not Gonna Take It” performed by Doktor Avalanche

    Collective Soul Sonic Force
    -Modern guitar rock with a boombastic twist

    -Martha Johnson rapping about growing up in a trailor park

    Matthew Good Charlotte
    -Acoustic pop with eyeliner

    Three Days Grace Jones
    -Post-grunge meets post-punk

    Clint Black Sabbath
    -If Tony Iommi played pedal steel

    Candlebox Car Racer
    -Narcissistic faux-grunge meets narcissistic faux-punk

    Iron Butterfly Boucher
    -If Suzanne Vega lost all her talent and wrote a 17 minute opus with a single mondegreen as the lyric (ok, I admit that one was mean)

    Pat Green Day
    -New punks buy a pickup truck

    T Rex Harrison
    -A broadway version of Jeepster might be interesting; and “I’m an Ordinary Man” sounds like a Marc Bolan song title anyway

    Grateful Dead Kennedys
    -Jello Biafra on valium or Jerry Garcia on speed

    Radiohead Automatica
    -If Thom Yorke worked at The Gap

    MC 900 Ft Jesus Jones
    -I might actually listen to this

    R Kelly Clarkson
    -Record company R&B meets record company pop/rock

    3rd Eye Blind Melon
    -College rock meets… well, college rock

    B-Ryan Adams
    -Sorry, I don’t really care what this would sound like

    Queens Of The Stone Age of Electric Light Orchestra
    -I have no description for this one, but it’s my first 3-way

    That’s all for now…

  2. Stone Temple of The Dog:
    -They’re from Seattle and sound exactly the same.

    L.A. Guns and Roses:
    -They’re from L.A. and sound exactly the same

    -They all happen to be from the name of the town to the left of them, and sound exactly the same.

    Sorry, I may not have the rules of this game figured out yet.

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