Myspace Karaoke to Mac Users: Drop Dead!

It’s not like I even wanted to enter the Myspace Karaoke contest in the first place. But I was curious about their new karaoke feature so I started clicking on the screens to get deeper into it. So I thought “let’s just see how this works”. Next screen I was asked to download the special recording application: But when I clicked to download the app, I noticed that it was one of those, Windows only, MS-DOS files with the word “exe” in it. As a lifelong Mac user, I knew what this meant. Everybody sings! But not so fast Mr. MacBook Pro, Mr. Second class citizen!

Of course, I scrolled further and found the confirmation in the System Requirements:

So once again, there’s this blanket assumption that everyone’s using PC’s. But that doesn’t make sense to me, as most of the artists and musicians I know have been Mac users forever. Like I said at the start, I didn’t really care about entering a Myspace Karaoke contest, but I do care about being barred because I happen to prefer the Mac OS. I guess this is just another example of how uncool Myspace really is. Shame on me, of course, for still having an account there, but I am only there because I can “park” a few of my musical things on my page. The real action goes on here, in this blog. Of course I also have a  Facebook page, but even that’s getting a little boring – networking and messaging aside.

3 Responses to “Myspace Karaoke to Mac Users: Drop Dead!”

  1. Beatnik Hillbilly Says:

    Have you notice how slow MySpace is now as well, since they did the redesign. And couldn’t they please get rid of those stupid “You have 2 messages from friends with crushes on you” boxes?
    Like you, the only reason I keep my page there is because it’s a convenient way to post new songs.

  2. scott d Says:

    Without being rude, My Space is PC and it shows, I stay as far away from it as possible. Its clunky and ugly.

    The Mac PC thing shows how hard it is for perceptions to change considering that o/s differences dont matter like they used to, much more stuff is web ap based, Mac laptops are flying off the shelf and the Mac o/s gained 2% of share over the last year. Still you run into companies that wont make stuff Mac friendly often because their code is old and they dont want to spend cash to update it.

    Hey My Space, ever hear of Facebook?

  3. Paul, people who own Mac’s don’t enter karaoke contests. They write the music and design the graphics for karaoke contests.

    The irony is that Mice Pace was originally built for bands and musicians to get more exposure. As you said most musicians use Mac. You would think that a music centric site would take that into consideration. All of these “entertainment” apps on MS or FB sound like fun, but they ultimately become intrusive, obsessive and are really only there now so that you’ll see the advertisements, buy the “whatever” and fulfill your consumer obligations. So I’m using both those sites to sell my own CD… OMG, what have I become?

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