The Paul And John Debut at SF, IPO, Aug 16th!

I recently joined forces with my friend John Moremen (formerly of the Neighbors)
in a new project that we have called The Paul And John.

We have co-written a bunch of songs that sound just like both of us. Of course, you are welcome to play “spot the influence” when you hear the stuff.

Over the last months we’ve been “in the studio” (as they say) producing an “album” (as they used to say) with the working title of Heavy Blue. We are about halfway to finishing it, but we’ve already got some great results over at John’s studio in the Inner Sunset and at Allen Clapp’s place in Sunnyvale. Allen, of course, is visionary leader of the Orange Peels and he has been and will continue to be involved in this recording, also. We are very excited about it. Look for it whenever we get it finished and “released” (as they often say).

Of more pressing news, we will be playing a brief sneak peek set at this year’s San Francisco edition of the International Pop Overthrow festival, which this year runs from August 12 through the 16th.

Here’s their website for general information.

We will play a four or five song set, kicking off the show at the crazy early hour of 7:30 pm on the final Saturday night, August 16th, at the Rockit Room (see below for address, or click on the link) .

Joining us for the inuaugural live lineup of The Paul and John will be our very good
friends Mike Levy on bass and Daniel Swan on drums. Both are from The Sneetches and both are way too talented to be thought of as mere “sidemen”.
We are also excited to notice that Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings, our pals The Bobbleheads and our newest friends, The Corner Laughers (who recently recorded with Allen Clapp) will be on the same bill with us!

Here’s the line up and address for our IPO night,

Saturday, August 16th

406 Clement St.

7:30 The Paul and John
8:00 Sentinel
8:30 Pleasure Trip
9:00 Eric Friedmann and The Lucky Rubes
9:30 Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
10:00 The Corner Laughers
10:30 The Bobbleheads
11:00 The Brink
11:30 Preoccupied Pipers

Please come out and see us if you “feel so inclined” (as they say).

5 Responses to “The Paul And John Debut at SF, IPO, Aug 16th!”

  1. >Please come out and see us if you “feel so inclined” (as they say).

    I’ll be there!

  2. Paul… really happy to hear about your new project. Sounds great. Have fun at your gig and hope it goes well,
    C xo

  3. I am SO there!! Loved what I’ve heard from Mormy so far… A phenomenal pairing!

  4. Looking forward to hearing and seeing you guys tonight!

  5. pulmyears Says:

    Thanks to all of you who came out to this show.
    We’ll have to do this again sometime.


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