Conjunction Junction Vol. 3

LATE BREAKING: I’ll have a whole blog, next time, about the death this week of Atlantic Records genius producer and A&R guy JERRY WEXLER, but since I have to go get ready for my gig TONIGHT at IPO San Francisco (click on this to read) I thought I’d leave you with Volume 3 of my fun game, Conjunction Junction.

New to the game? Here’s the rule, take two or more existing band names (or artists) and conjoin them. Then describe how they might sound. I usually do a couple of illustrations too. And as always, I ask you, dear reader, to play along at home and send me your own Conjunction Junctions in the COMMENT area.

Here’s a few I just came up with….

RILO KILEY MINOGUE: L.A. alternative rockers with penchant for Aussie-fied German disco workouts

Aimee Mannheim Steamroller: Introspective Female songwriter backed by bloated and pompous symphonic arrangements.

Apples In Stereolab: Moody droning Belgian soundsculptors with nasal voiced but catchy melodic songs.

SUN RA-MONES: New York based rawkers back Saturn based atonal jazz in noise off.

Huey Lewis and The New Kids on the Bloc Party: Veteran San Francisco singer fronts a much matured boy band accompanied by English alt-rock guitar band.

B.T.O.-zomat-Lee “Scratch” Perry Farrell: 70’s Canadian guitar rock set to multi-ethnic world music groove, with extremely harmonized vocal wails from former Jane’s Addiction frontman, Farrell. Whole is then mixed with tons of reverb and by the Jamaican Dub pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Southside Johnny Marr-tha Wainwright: Former Smiths guitarist, backs duets by veteran New Jersey soul man and provocative confessional female songwriter. Not to be double booked with…

Van Morrissey: Ex Smiths singer tackles the celebrated songbook of the immortal Belfast poet.

A Tribe Called Question Mark and The Mysterians – one extremely long, yet funky, cover of “96 Tears”.

And finally, for now,


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a grand of verbiage in visual form…

3 Responses to “Conjunction Junction Vol. 3”

  1. Why, why, why do yo do this to me?

    Ron Sex-Smiths: Imagine a slower, acoutstic version of “How Soon is Now?”.
    Sugar Ray Charles: I wonder if Jamie Foxx could play Mark McGrath in a bio pic?
    Frank Zappacosta: I wonder if Frank would’ve ever starred in Jesus Christ Superstar?
    Shakespeare’s Sisters of Mercy: This was left over from last time, but I already used 2 “Sisters of Mercy” CJs.

    So… here are some Interjection Junctions just to mix thing up:
    Bedouin sound(garden)clash: Stevie Wonder produces Chris Cornell playing Joe Strummer songs.
    Iron (Butterfly) Maiden: Stoned 60’s “metal” band get an air raid siren for a singer.
    Velvet (Revolver) Underground: They can’t make any music because the entire band is strung out on heroin.
    David Bow(Wow Wow)ie: Now that’s manic depressive.
    Alice (In Chains) Cooper: Theatrical much?
    Radio(Talking)head(s): Seems fitting to combine a band with the band they took their name from.
    Simple (Plan) Minds: U2 meets Blink 182
    UB(Level)Forty(Two): British Reggae/pop meets British funk/pop.
    Tea (World) Party: Bad Doors covers mixed with bad Zeppelin covers… no wait, that’s just Tea Party – mix in some good songs too.
    Bad(finger) Company: Uh… 70’s classic rock?
    10(cc),000 Maniacs: Natalie Merchant singing Godley and Creme.
    B(52’s)TO: Outrageous post-punk party band with working class values.
    Pet Shop (Beastie) Boys: I think these guys would just fight.
    The (Blue Oyster) Cult: “Revolution” could use more cowbell.
    The Boomtown Rat(t)s: If LA bands funded the IRA.
    The Cocteau (Thomson) Twins: Scottish punk meets British post-punk pop.
    Guns n’ (Stone) Roses: LA glam meets Madchester.
    New (Order) York Dolls: American glam meets British electronica.
    Artic (Rainbow Butt) Monkeys: Overprivileged British kids meet overprivileged Canadian kids.
    Automatic (Stone [Roses] Temple) Pilot(s): No description, just another terribly clever 3-way.

    I’m done, for good, no more.

  2. I HAD to combine one of mine with one pf Paul’s to get the frst 7-way:
    The Good, the Bad and the (Queen)(s) Of The Stone Age of Electric Light Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Darkness.
    Now I’m done.

  3. pulmyears Says:

    Michael Cooper is the champ! Anyone else out there got a few, even one or two (we can’t all be Michael Cooper!).

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