“Raise Yer Ukes For Obama!”

I recently made the acquaintance of rock writer Sylvie Simmons, who writes for Mojo Magazine among others, and we discussed how we backed Obama but, as foreign nationals (she English, me Canadian), we couldn’t vote in this election. She mentioned that she had written an Obama fight song on her ukulele and that was starting up a uke based web movement called the Million Ukulele March.

I told her that I play uke as well, so she invited me to join the march. Next day I went over to her place and helped her to record her song, kitchen style, on my MacBook. It’s a simple lo-fi thing,  just her singing and strumming and an overdubbed uke solo, by me, just for texture. The site is up now. And if you link right through to the Myspace page she made for it, you’ll hear her song, as well as a bubblegum pop song I wrote and recorded at home (on uke of course) called “Obama – A-A- Yah” featuring a massed chorus of a million overdubbed Pauls (just 8 actually). That song is also on my own Myspace page.

Today, I noticed that she had gotten the support of Steve Earle, Howe Gelb, Ronny Elliott, Ralph Carney, Eric Drew Feldman and Sid Griffin (and more). You should go and check it out, add your name and uke to the growing list of supporters. Let’s get out the UKE vote on November 4th.

Do it for Don Hobama…

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