Wilco Gets The Colbert Bump

Don’t know if you saw Wilco last night on the Colbert Report. Blew my mind. They did a new song that sounded a bit like Bowie’s “Heroes” but ultimately just sounded like Wilco. Which is a good thing. I love this song not just because they sing that Wilco loves you (and later that Colbert loves you too) but also for the little Obama HOPE card stuck on lead guitarist Nels Cline’s amp.


If this embedded video (courtesy Comedy Central’s website) doesn’t work, go to Comedy Central and check it out (I couldn’t embed the actual one for some reason)

3 Responses to “Wilco Gets The Colbert Bump”

  1. Great song. Thanks for the link. I’m always in bed by the time it comes on so I missed it. The song didn’t remind me of Bowie so much as it did Blur around the time of their self titled album….

  2. Hey Mark, I see how it sounds like Coffee & TV, from the Coxon side of Blur (which is highly influenced by David “Mockney” Bowie) but you have to admit the Velvet / Lou Reed chunkiness of the Wilco song bears some resemblance to “Heroes” (with Nels Cline in the role Robert Fripp).

  3. Indeed, there’s a similarity to Heroes I won’t deny. Coffee & TV was just the closest example I could find. I thought the Wilco song in general, had a very Blur like quality to it.
    As for Nels Cline, I saw Wilco last summer during a weekend visit with my cousins in Calgary. Incredible show and Cline was nothing less than stunning all night. The man’s up there with Verlaine and Fripp in my book, at least as far as guitarists who colour outside the lines go.

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