Japan just pulled my ear…

I was just over in Tokyo between Christmas and New Years, and like so many gai-jin folks I get a kick out of the way English words and names crop up in the pop culture there. It’s probably immature or even politically incorrect, but I love a place  where they have a successful group with a name like Mr. Children, seen in this Tokyo HMV shop window:


Anyway, I’ve been back for three weeks now, but online I just heard a great single by a band called Winnie,

A Jpeg of Winnie (not Winnipeg).

A Jpeg of Winnie (not Winnipeg).

They have plenty of great titles, like “Ruby Tube Tail,” “Girls Like New Softly,” “Swing Teenage Records Stain” and “We’re Good Five Sounds Enough,” from their EP entitled Restock This Falling Wrong. Their new  single, and video, is called “First Class Speed of Light” from their new mini-album Headquarter.

Since I don’t read kanji, there is very little I could tell you about the four-piece Jpop (J-powerpop?) band, other than the fact that they have hooky songs and are comprised of three guys and one girl, and that the lead vocals seem to be shared by the front guy guitarist Okuji and the girl guitarist Lori. But thanks to their website, I know Lori and Okuji’s stage setups (???)

Lori from Winnie's setup
Okuji from Winnie's setup

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a nice day. And may happiness come to you in the first class speed of light…

3 Responses to “Japan just pulled my ear…”

  1. Interesting stuff. I have been following the Yoshida Brothers for a while because they have this odd quiet or loud folk Eastern rock Western thing going on. There songs have a habit of showing up in the oddest places.



    Its hard to get a handle on them as there work is so diverse that sometimes one is not sure if it is them or not. Not for everyones taste but worthy of praise for being open minded themselves. And hey, in Japan they are label mates with Chuck “Gong Show” Barris.

  2. Dave Peters Says:

    What ever happend to Loudness?

  3. -ha . amazing! I remember mr. children from 1996 – psyched there still doin it!

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