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Notes from The Paul & John Pre-production Meeting

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The Paul & John, shave and a haircut, bay ruckus... (photo © Norbert von der Groeben)

So last night, John Moremen and I, (The Paul & John) had a production meeting at John’s place in  San Francisco’s Inner Sunset district, to discuss our next recording activity with our co-producer, the wonderful Allen Clapp of Mystery Lawn Studios (and of the Orange Peels). It was a very civilized meeting of three men  who have written, recorded and listened to a ton of music in their lives and all three of us felt like kids discussing our plans for an upcoming school trip.

We played a few of our sketch demos for Allen so he’d have a better understanding of the material before we enter his Sunnyvale, California studio next weekend, and all three of us spoke up here and there to suggest approaches, techniques and sonic augmentation. I was impressed with how civilized the whole discussion was – any one of us could have run the show but we have a mutual respect that makes it feel like any idea could work. Of course all my ideas were the best (kidding!).

As of this week, the working title for the album is Inner Sunset, and our plan is to include new recordings of the following songs: “Inner Sunset”, “Long Way Back”, “How ‘Bout That?”, “When I Lost My Way”, “Can’t Be Too Careful”, “AOA (Get Ready)”, “Heavy Blue”, “Don’t Be Surprised” and “Brickland”.

We will probably track at least two others after this batch, some of them not written yet.

While we have been joined onstage at live gigs of late by solid support from Iron Man Chris Xefos on bass and the affable Daniel Swan on drums (and early support from Mike Levy) the plan is that John and I will play all of the main sounds ourselves, true to the nature of the collaboration. Thus, while we both play guitars and sing (sometimes in unison!), John will handle the drumming (he’s great!) and I will be playing the bass (John’s great on drums!). I have long been a frustrated bass player so I am stoked (as the surfer’s say) to tackle the four strings for the team.

Allen Clapp, seen playing a recorder solo.

We are also super stoked (as the more caffeinated surfers say) to be working with Sir Allen Clapp on this. If you aren’t aware of his handiwork, check out 20/20, the latest album from his band The Orange Peels, or Ultraviolet Garden by the Corner Laughers, both of which Allen produced with both a skilled hand and great set of ears.

For now, our Myspace page has some Paul & John demos, which will soon be tres obsolete.

Enjoy, and do remember “It’s always dark before the dawn, but the light of hope shines on and on, you gotta let your Inner Sunset shine.”

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