Breaking The First Rule of Record Club. Discussing Beck’s Record Club.

Have you been following Beck’s web page and his Record Club project?

Beck describes it as “an informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day. The album chosen to be reinterpreted is used as a framework.”

He adds that there is no pre-production rehearsal or arranging involved and promises to deliver a track to the site every week. It seems to be an honest and sincere attempt to have fun recording songs from albums Beck likes, with no apparent ambition beyond his initial promise of regularly updating. So far, Beck’s guest stars are as interesting as the album chosen for Record Club.

Last fall, they tackled Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Leonard Cohen, and featured guest support from Devendra Banhart, Ben Goldwasser & Andrew VanWyngarden & Will Berman (from MGMT), Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother, Binki Shapiro ( Little Joy), and  Brian Lebarton and Bram Inscore who play in Beck’s band.

Here’s “So Long Marianne” from that session, with Banhart on lead vocals.:

See what he means about not rehearsing. It’s a club! This ain’t Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew. Beck also does versions of Skip Spence’s Oar album, and their first Record Club was the Velvet Underground’s Velvet Underground And Nico album with Brian Lebarton, Joey Waronker, Bram Inscore, Thorunn Magnusdottir, Chris Holmes, Giovanni Ribisi, and Nigel Godrich.

Here’s them doing “All Tomorrow’s Parties”:

For more information, and to keep following go to


4 Responses to “Breaking The First Rule of Record Club. Discussing Beck’s Record Club.”

  1. Mr. McNutty Says:

    sign me up!

  2. I dunno. Interesting.

  3. Great selections and albums, but this project is one of those things that one would prefer to be in than be subjected to listen to. I find the Cohen cover version sloppy, and while that may be fun for the musicians involved, it’s not fun for this listener. As for All Tomorrows Parties, it’s very pretty, but the original song is pretty; there’s nothing new or original in this arrangement to make me want to listen to this more than once, and that surprises me, given Nigel Godrich’s involvement.

    It’s an honorable endeavour, but to enter something like this with no pre-conceived notion as to how to proceed or arrange classics like these, while admittedly courageous, is probably going to be a hit and miss affair for the listener. At least for this listener. Still, the project is borne of a love of great music, so who knows what will happen.

    There’s a rule that we’re not supposed to talk about Record Club? Right.

  4. pulmyears Says:

    See what he means about not rehearsing. It’s a club! This ain’t Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew

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