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SoundCloud is Playing On My Blog: I Am An Embedded DJ

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Lately, posting YouTube clips has been a big part of what I put up here on the Pulmyears Music Blog. As you may have read in previous entries, however, I have been trying to find a better way of putting up Audio Only content and have been researching it. You may have read my piece on SoundCloud. Well, today I’m just testing the idea of embedding tracks from SoundCloud to my page. I quickly went in to their library and found a few tracks I’m familiar with already:

Like this Joanna Newsom song “Good Intentions Paving Company”, which I’ve been obsessing over lately.

And here’s the SoundCloud for Neon Indian’s “Deadbeat Summer”, a track which samples Todd Rundgren’s “Izzat Love:

Neon Indian's chief: Alan Palomo

And yesterday I told you about that new New Pornographers track, “Your Hands (Together)” from their forthcoming album Together.

Well here it is on SoundCloud:

The other night Jimmy Fallon had The Besnard Lakes on the show, and I liked them. So here’s a song called “Glass Printer” from their new album The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night.

By now I’m thinking this is fun, so I’m digging into their library like a DJ dipping into his milk crates.

LCD Soundsystem a/k/a James Murphy

How about that LCD Soundsystem from 5 years ago, “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”? Hey they GOT it.

Here’s “World Sick” a recent track by Toronto’s Broken Social Scene from their upcoming Forgiveness Rock Record:

And the other day we mentioned Bahamas, the man not the tropical paradise, and here’s a song called “Hockey Teeth”from his album, Pink Strat.

Okay, SoundCloud works. Hope you had fun listening. One more, for old times sake, how about this sick remix from Frost Dj Sexx of The Beatles “Taxman” for all the party people in the house doing their taxes this weekend…

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