Terry Kath: Passion Was His Amplifier

Just noticed that Rhino is putting out the early albums by Chicago.

Prepare yourself for the reappraisal, as the early stuff features real players, really playing, and I think a lot more people may soon discover the late Terry Kath, the fiery singer guitarist whose guitar screamed like Santana or Hendrix but who sang like Joe Cocker doing a Stevie Winwood impression. A true original, he took his own life with a handgun, at age of 31, on January 31, 1978.

I’m out the door but I’ll send you to YouTube to check him out on these Chicago clips. Do check him out.

2 Responses to “Terry Kath: Passion Was His Amplifier”

  1. My piano teacher back in Sarnia/Point Edward had me learn Colour My World in the early 70s. I remember it was so hard to learn because the chords were so complex. Huge learning experience. For years afterwards I would always rush to the piano when it came on the radio and try to play along. I loved Terry Kath’s voice. After graduating from college, in the late 80s I had a work mentor/colleague (still a great friend more than 20 years later) who swore by these early Chicago albums.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Great to see this. Kath was indeed an amazing player. I would note only that the statement that Kath “took his own life” might lead people to think that he intentionally committed suicide. Of course, he did die by his own hand, but accidentally.

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