Splice Of Life: Celebrating The Mashed Up World Of Go Home Productions

For almost ten years, I have been fascinated by the groundbreaking and unapologetically hooky mash ups of British splice-master Mark Vidler, better known as Go Home Productions. Based in Watford, UK, he’s kind of the Wayne Gretzky of mash ups, and his illegal work has been so impressive that he actually seems to have a “real career” as a remixer and sound remodeller. I feel his success is largely attributable to the fact that, unlike a lot of deconstructionists and recontextualizers out there, Vidler has a pop songwriter’s instinct for the hook which allows him to transcend the dry cut ‘n’ paste tendencies of many of his peers. Vidler started up in 2001, when the UK was mad for bootlegs, and took full advantage by intiating some groundbreaking bootleg work. He has since been hired, legitimately, by the likes of advertisers (like this  Redbull spot, or this Bacardi one) and custom work for radio station (such as BBC6 Music’s Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show) and recording artists like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Blondie, The Sex Pistols, The Gang Of Four, the late Malcolm McLaren, Alicia Keys and others.

Even if you already know his stuff, let’s take this blog entry time to celebrate the guys work with a little cavalcade of clips. There’ll be some YouTube links (if they haven’t been taken down by the time you read this) but first here’s a couple of links to audio files. First it’s The Carpenters meet Oasis, and we’ve only just begun…

Click on this to hear Carpenter's Wonderwall.

And here’s what happens when you mix The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and Quadrophenia film with Madonna‘s “Like A Virgin” = “Virgin O’Riley”.

And just in case you always wondered what Thin Lizzy’s late singer Phil Lynott would like over Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle,” Vidler presents “Thin Genie”:

…which seems to be an answer to Freelance Hellraiser’s “Stroke Of Genie-Us” combining Genie with The Strokes…

And who has the bigger natural, The Supremes or Jeff Lynne? Do I have to ask? Add in some Michael Jackson and you’ve got “Supreme Evil” from Vidler’s “Six Pack” EP (2007).

Blondie even included GHP’s remix of “Rapture”, featuring Jim Morrison samples from “Riders On The Storm”, on their Greatest Hits compilation, this is “Rapture Riders,”

And he didn’t forget REM, or Luther Vandross or both…Here’s “Luther’s Orange Crush”:

Well, let’s get this party ended, just as Pink gets it started, with help  from Billy Idol, on GHP’s “Pink Wedding:”

For more information on Mark Vidler go to his home page! http://www.gohomeproductions.co.uk/

As always, share your comments, stories, complaints, crazy praise, leave little biscuits of wisdom for me or the links to YOUR fave Mash Ups, at the COMMENTS section on this blog (I collect them for the deposit).

Thanks for your time.


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