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How I Spent My Record Store Day With Amoeba, Ralph and Jónsi

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One last word about Record Store Day.
To be honest, this was the first year that I actually celebrated it in public at a Record Store…never too late to start right?

At Amoeba "Some of my best friends are records..."

And I couldn’t have been happier to be living in the Bay Area where we are blessed to have so many great (and world renowned) independent record stores. Naturally, the place to be was Amoeba in the Haight.

Then I got an email from my friend Ralph Alfonso, beat poet, impresario of the indie label Bongo Beat, music industry veteran and more, who was breezing up through San Francisco with his wife Alison E Rogers on their back to Montreal after a week in Steinbeck country, Monterey. And so it was that Ralph and I (with our wives nearby) met up at Amoeba for our Record Date In The Haight.

Ralph and I got caught up as we browsed the bins, naturally he was more concerned with the vinyl jazz and I followed and took iPhone snaps while he became the jazz detective (thumbnails).

Here’s a little Hipstamatic™ collage of the first part of the event (click on thumbnails to enlarge)…

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

Although we missed the 12 noon instore by Charlotte Gainsbourg, I was somewhat delighted that we were early for the 2:30 instore by Sigur Ros lead singer Jónsi, there to perform four songs from his achingly beautiful solo album, Go. You could mostly hear a pin drop as Jónsi’s ghostly, vibrato-less falsetto was punctuated with the click clacking of CD security plastic as browsing patrons persisted, like gambling addicts at a bank of casino slot machines.

I couldn’t get very close with my little iPhone…

But YouTube had this video from the show…

I picked up a copy of the Jónsi CD along with that new one by The Living Sisters, called love to live…

Get this music: The Living Sisters is Inara George, Eleni Mandell & Becky Stark

After a day of patronizing one of the best record stores in the world, Ralph and Alison and Liza and I had lunch at Cha Cha Cha and looked over our stuff. If I made just a little more money, I could make every day Record Store Day.

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