Your Name Here: Part Two! More Namesongs (With YOUR Suggestions)

Yep, it turns out that a heckuva lot of songwriters name their songs after somebody else. So we’ve moved into Part Two country.

In Part One, published yesterday, we featured around fifteen or twenty of them, and thanks to you the readers (most of my Facebook friends) we have tons more. And hey, keep ’em coming but to this blog and not my Facebook page, I’m going to curate them in groups, so don’t fret if your suggestions don’t make it on today’s list. This could easily be a recurring feature, do note however that one of the factors that makes it easier to include a title here is the availability of a YouTube posted video for the song mentioned, so there’s that to consider.


Why doesn’t every band have theme song, imagine a jaunty “We’re Led Zeppelin” or a bouncy “I’m Wayne Newton”?

Well some bands have either named their song after their band or their band after their song, as did Big Country, who gave us

“In A Big Country” (I chose the audio only clip because the quality was awesome)

Talk Talk “Talk Talk

They Might Be Giants “They Might Be Giants

Wilco “Wilco (The Song)”

The Beatles “The Ballad of John & Yoko” (which is, after all, John singing about himself, albeit with only Paul from the other Fabs).

The Clash of course went out on the airwaves, “interrupting all programs,” to proclaim “This Is Radio Clash”

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia did the prog rock epic “Utopia Theme”

and a more scaled down lineup did “The Road To Utopia”


The Specials AKA gave us one of the best, and you can dance and get free to it!

“Free Nelson Mandela”

Which reminds me, Peter Gabriel and “Biko”

John Vanderslice has a nifty little song about Microsoft founder Bill Gates, called “Bill Gates Must Die”…

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark sang a little ditty about “Joan Of Arc”:

They Might Be Giants once again seem to have a knack for this sort of thing,

“Meet James Ensor” a song about “Belgium’s famous painter!”

“James K Polk” (former U.S. President a/k/a “Napoleon of the stump!”)

And TMBG side project Mono Puff continues this presidential fervor with “Nixon’s The One”

John Lennon, in full protest song mode wrote about both Angela Davis, “Angela”, and the jailed White Panther and former MC5 manager,  “John Sinclair”

Paul Simon has been known to immortalize a name or two in song, one of my faves (I can’t find on YouTube) is “Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War” but I did find this clip for another name song by Simon:

“So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright”

Good old Jonathan Richman, and the Modern Lovers, sang of “Pablo Picasso”:

And The Cult appear to be channeling The Scorpions on “Edie (Ciao Baby)”, their power ballad tribute to Andy Warhol’s ill-fated starlet, Edie Sedgwick:

With her usually ethereal indecipherability, Elizabeth Fraser and her fellow Cocteau Twins sing the praises of 4AD c0-founder Ivo Watts-Russell in “Ivo”

The Eagles rocked the rebel with good cause in “James Dean”

Ex Velvet Undergrounder and producer John Cale has a few name songs, including one about author “Graham Greene” (couldn’t find a clip) and this epic one based on Henrik Ibsen’s title character, “Hedda Gabler”:

Hirsute rock and roll deejay Wolfman Jack has been amply recognized in song:

“Wolfman Jack” by Todd Rundgren


“Clap For The Wolfman” by The Guess Who

Madness paid homage to fellow cockney “Michael Caine”

And since this had to end sometime, I’ll leave you with the harmlessly charming  Bananarama and “Robert DeNiro’s Waiting”

Like I said, there’s tons more so don’t be surprised if this segment is TO BE CONTINUED…


It may not be the most up to date music site on the web but it is the only one that is hand made, fresh daily, by me, Paul Myers.

6 Responses to “Your Name Here: Part Two! More Namesongs (With YOUR Suggestions)”

  1. Robert Malyon Says:

    My official submission is “The Marriage of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russel Mael” by Sparks. My unofficial submission is really more of a special mention to Redd Kross who recorded the song Shonen Knife, and Shonen Knife who recorded the song Redd Kross.

  2. Max Hutchinson Says:

    Black Sabbath — Black Sabbath
    Motorhead — Motorhead
    Hey Hey We’re The Monkees — The Monkees

    And in the personal vanity category, Montreal’s Too Many Cooks named a song “19/8 Hutchinson” right after I was shitcanned from A & M. I was touched, AND it had a fucked up time signature (hence the title). Whoot!

  3. pulmyears Says:

    Awesome adds Robert and Max.
    And Max, in that vanity category, Gord Cumming suggested “The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos” by Rheostatics.

  4. Am I you or are you me? Says:

    world party world party

  5. Rarer still is the solo artist who records a song which bears their name. Swedish triphop crooner Jay-Jay Johanson’s ‘Jay-Jay Johanson’ is a legendary example. I’m trying to find a version online for you.

    This is the Spotify link:

    …but it won’t be much use to most of you.

    I won’t spoil the punchline for those of you who can hear it…


  6. Lawrie Ingles Says:

    Paul Myers Send it to the comments section of Pulmyears and the editors will mull it over. Thanks

    Lawrie Ingles
    Can we do one with song titles too….please please please…

    ie Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue Bayou

    Don’t let me down by the Lazy River of Babylon sisters are doin it by themselves

    September Girls just wanna have hot fun in the summer time blues

    Where you lead I will follow our daughter home on the range

    can we have class out…
    See More
    7 minutes ago · Comment · Like · See Wall-to-Wall

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