Wizard Wednesday: PODCAST(S) SPECIAL! Two Hours of Me Talking About My Rundgren Book!

Happy Wizard Wednesday.

In case you’re just tuning in, in the past few weeks, I began devoting a series of Wednesday blog entries featuring selected content from my upcoming history of the productions of Todd Rundgren, entitled A Wizard A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio, published THIS WEEK, October 15, 2010 by  Jawbone Press. If your local independent (or chain) bookstore isn’t planning to stock it, tell them about it and have them order it!

I typically remind everyone, at this juncture, that my book is about the making of a whole bunch of records. It’s not just about Todd Rundgren’s music, but more of an anecdotal history of  Rundgren’s classic studio productions, with exclusive first-hand tales of the studio from Todd and most of the principle clients. Why, there’s  Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell, Sparks: (Halfnelson), Hall & Oates: War Babies, XTC: Skylarking, New York Dolls: New York Dolls + Cause I Sez So, Patti Smith Group: Wave, The Band: Stage Fright, Cheap Trick: Next Position Please, The Tubes: Remote Control + Love Bomb, Bourgeois Tagg: YoYo, The Pursuit Of Happiness: Love Junk + One Sided Story, Steve Hillage: L, Psychedelic Furs: Forever Now and Grand Funk: We’re An American Band + Shinin’ On. And yes, I even talked with all key Utopia members (all lineups), and get Todd’s take on the making of  Badfinger’s Straight Up and his fascinating interactions with George Harrison.

On Wizard Wednesdays, I have been leaking and remixing / reworking unedited material from both the book and my unused notes. In the first two weeks, I covered Todd’s own Healing and Todd albums, and the week after that I leaked some stuff from the discussion of Todd’s production of  New York Dolls (1973). Next. I shared some of Todd fan Dave Gregory’s thoughts on the sessions for XTC’s Skylarking (1986). The following week, I took you to Lenny Kaye’s house to talk about Patti Smith Group’s Wave album. Last week I had a snippet from Howard “Flo & Eddie” Kaylan discussing his work with Todd on the Psychedelic Furs album, Forever Now (1982).

This week, I’m going to deviate slightly and direct you to two different podcast interviews I just did, both are informative and were fun to do.

The first is from The Pop Culture Road Trip with Chris Epting, a WebTalkRadio podcast. Chris is an accomplished author himself, he wrote Led Zeppelin Crashed Here: The Rock And Roll Landmarks Of North America, and his most recent book is Hello It’s Me: Dispatches From A Pop Culture Junkie,  something of a credible witness in that he actually worked at Todd’s Utopia Sound and Utopia Video back in the day. This was a lively full hour, and we go all over the place. Chris was great to chat with. Good times. I think you can download the whole think or listen to it in a streamin’ stylee.

Paul Myers on Pop Culture Road Trip with Chris Epting

The second is link is from just last night, as the Chilean miners were just about to be brought to the surface, I was on with Doug Ford a/k/a RundgrenRadio Doug, on RundgrenRadio a BlogTalk Radio podcast.

Doug, having already listened to my interview with Chris Epting, did his best to veer his own interview into different areas which made for another lively (almost) hour. The full show is here, my segment is in the middle, between a short interview with Mitch Koulouris, the CEO of Gigatone Entertainment, and Glenn Gass from the University of Indiana, who not only says, on the air, that he digs my book, he’s ordered multiple copies of it for his course with Dr. Todd at IU, at the end of this month! Cheers! Thanks Doug.

Paul Myers on RundgrenRadio Oct 12, 2010

So this week, plenty to listen to. And remember, if all goes to plan, the book is out this Friday! We’ve been waiting so long for this thing to rise and shine, sometimes I don’t know what to feel!

5 Responses to “Wizard Wednesday: PODCAST(S) SPECIAL! Two Hours of Me Talking About My Rundgren Book!”

  1. Can’t wait for the book to ship. I know I won’t be able to put it down once I get it in my hands, Paul!

  2. Rose Wassel Says:

    Hi Paul, as always your blogs are super fabulous, so very informative.. Thanks, Rose

  3. Garry Nordenstam Says:

    In some ways I’m glad your book hasn’t shipped yet. Because if it had, I would already be done reading it and the anticipation is half the fun! Really looking forward to receiving my copy.

  4. Gavin Bond Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Amazon is informing me your book will be shipped on the 18th. Can you confirm?


    Gavin from downunder

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