CSNY: OHIO (A Facebook Theatre Production)

I have creative friends, many of them are on Facebook…

Sometimes, a comment can trigger a “thread”, and the topic becomes like one of those oversized beach balls at an outdoor summer concert, everybody swatting around until it hits a guitar tech or somebody knocks it over the rear fences.

Yesterday, I posted a simple, okay jokey, status on my Facebook page:

Tonight on CSNY:Ohio: Detectives Young & Stills follow a trail of blood stains leading to the discovery of “four dead in Ohio.” Meanwhile back at the station, Detective Nash investigates “two cats in the yard.”

What follows is a sampling of the response. Thanks to everyone who played. All names are real unless faked for Facebook.

Keith Porteous: While Detective Crosby is on leave while attending rehab.

Justin Smallbridge: Det. Stills: The question, Neil, is how can you run when you…[puts on sunglasses]…know? Roger Daltrey: Yeeeaaahhh!

Eric Ruben: Det. Crosby gets assigned to undercover. And to think, he almost cut his hair.

Darin J. Addison: Det. Crosby is undercover investigating an armed robbery at a sperm bank.

Elizabeth Racz: Det. Young is Wonderin’ how the powder got on the finger

Paul Myers: An interdepartmental conflict with Det. Stills forces Det. Young to temporarily leave the force, searching for the illusive, “heart of gold.”

Eric Ruben: That’s when he stumbles upon a dead man lyin’ by the side of the road…

Paul Myers: ‎”Don’t let it bring you down,” said Det. Young, removing his Ray Bans, “it’s only castles burning.”

Justin Smallbridge: Det. Crosby: It was like looking in my rear-view mirror and seeing a police car. Then I realized it was the backup I’d called for. Plus, I’m not giving an inch to fear. I promised myself this year.

Det. Young: The question, Dave, it whether you felt like you…[puts on sunglasses]…owed it to someone.

Roger Daltrey: Yeeeaaahhh!

Paul Myers: ‎“Traveling twice the speed of sound,” said Det. Nash, putting on his sunglasses, “It’s easy to get BURNED.” Roger Daltrey: Yeeeaahhh!

Charlie Salmon: Detective Young drops in on Starsky & Hutch.”Well Hello Mr. Soul -I dropped by to pick up a reason”..

Aaron Rubin: In this week’s episode, Long May You Run, Detectives Young and Stills team up, leaving Detective Crosby to ask “why can’t we go on as three?”1

Justin Smallbridge:  CSINY (CBS. 9:00) Tonight’s Episode — “Cortez The Killer.” Det. Young finds himself locked in a deadly battle of wits with a serial killer who may or may not be a professor of Mesoamerican history or a Spanish explorer. Musical montage: “Conquistador,” by Procol Harum & the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Paul Myers: SPIN-OFF: From the creator of CSNY:OHIO, it’s GREENDALE. After leaving the big city CSNY force, Det Young settles into life down the pacific coast from San Francisco. In the pilot episode, Det Young investigates the death of Officer Carmichael, a credit to the force.

Justin Smallbridge: CSIN&Y (CBS. 9:00.) “Powderfinger”: There’s a white boat coming up the river with a big red beacon and a flag, and a man on the rail. It’s less than a mile away. It’s got numbers on the side and a gun and it’s making big waves. Det. Young suspects it don’t look like they’re here to deliver the mail.

Aaron Rubin: Det. Stills: “Young, there’s something happening here.”

Det. Young: “You’re right Stills, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Adam Sobolak: Somehow, I can picture CSNY as a contemporary version of Dick Tracy Show characters like Joe Jitsu, Go Go Gomez, Hemlock Holmes, Heap O’Callory…

Jeff Norman:  The dying man lay on the shore. Horror gripped them as they watched him die. All they could do was echo his anguished cries. They stared – all their human feeling died. “We are leaving. You don’t need us.” Det. Crosby turned around, eyeing the wooden police boat: “Guess I’ll set a course and go.”

Jeff Norman: Det. Stills: “Can you explain your whereabouts Friday evening, or Sunday in the afternoon?”

Jaimie Vernon; Det. Young to grieving man on the banks of the Ohio: “Down by the river. Is that where you shot your baby?”

Jeff Norman: CSNY: Vice Squad – Det. Young, in front of a desert whorehouse: “Hello, cowgirl in the sand – is this place at your command?”

Mike Macfarlane: Finally, at the end of the Season, they return to the original scene at Ohio state, and Det. Young says [as he puts on sunglasses]…

“We have all been here before”…

Mike Macfarlane: ‎(Roger Daltrey: Yeeeaaahhh!)

Adam Sobolak: There ought to be room for Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves as semi-regulars

Luke Jackson: Man, I used to LOVE The Crosby Show.

Jeff Norman: I remember when Crosby used to advertise Jell-o. Or at least, have huge gobs of it stuck in his beard.

Violet Benny: Hands down, one of the best threads I’ve ever read! To quote Rodger Datrey, “Yeeeaaahhh!”

Jeff Norman: Back to the original post: Pretty sure that trail of blood stains was on a four-way street.

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  1. Doh! Where the heck was I? Probably in some trance on the couch during a ‘non-facebook’ day! 8)

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