Java Blues: Wake Up And Smell The Playlist

If you know me, and my apologies if you do, you’ll know that one of my few remaining vices is espresso coffee. Here at Pulmyears Studio I burn through espresso machines like some people go through metaphors for things that get used up a lot. I love lattes, make about four to five a day on my home machine, I trade intel with fellow coffee drinkers about where the best coffee is: “Have you tried Four Barrel?” “I swear by Blue Bottle” “Portland? Take me to Stumptown” and so on.

One of my favourite of my many unfinished songs, “Outside The Lines”, begins with the autobiographical couplet: “I drink a lot of coffee in the morning, and the afternoon / I kid myself that it inspires me / As I bounce around the room.” Gotta finish that song one day.

Coffee and songs got me thinking yesterday about some great coffee songs. Between espressos, and with the help of some Facebook friends, I  put together this coffee playlist celebrating the aromatic stimulant that fuels my world.


1. “Java Blues” Rick Danko

2. “The Coffee Song” Osibisa (suggested by Stewart Mason)

3. “Espresso (All Jacked Up) Todd Rundgren

4. “Black Coffee In Bed” Squeeze

5. “Joed Out”  Verlaines (suggested by Stewart Mason)

6. “Black Coffee” kd lang & Grover Washington, Jr. (suggested by Les Doerfler)

7.Coffee And Cigarettes” Never Shout Never

8. “Coffee And TV” Blur

9. “The Cappucino Song” Tanita Tikram

10. “Starfish And Coffee” Soulwax (cover of Prince song)

5 Responses to “Java Blues: Wake Up And Smell The Playlist”

  1. Let’s not forget that Ink Spots classic.

  2. Bob Snyder’s “Coffee Break Blues” is also great. No YouTube link that I could find, but the lyrics are on his site for those of you who haven’t heard it live:

    I’ve been on the no-caffeine wagon for a few weeks, now I REALLY want a coffee.

  3. Jason Silverio Says:

    “Black Coffee” – Black Flag

  4. “Sexy Coffee Pot” by Tony Alvon & The Belairs
    Instrumental funk, so maybe not fair – but a great name
    “One More Cup Of Coffee” by Bob Dylan
    A Middle Eastern influenced love song from Rollin Thunder Bob
    “Black Coffee” by Bobby Darin
    Gotta love Bobby. One cool cat bemoaning his cattin’ ways.
    “Coffee In The Morning and Kisses In The Evening” by the Boswell Sisters
    An ode to total feminine subserviance. Ah, history.
    “Ain’t Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee” by Clara Smith
    Yes, my collection goes weird and wonderful places…

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