Paulcasts?: A couple of podcasts I did.

Podcasts are the new radio. But you knew that. From time to time, I get invited to appear on various podcasts, and proceed to talk way too much on them. The hosts tell me they don’t mind. I’ll never know what they’re saying behind my back so I might as well take them at their word. By the way, I am in love with podcasting, and I guess I’ll have to start my own soon. Leave a comment in the comment page if you feel like encouraging me. And thanks in advance.

Recently I appeared on two very different podcasts, and I’d like you to hear them if you get a chance.

Waking From The American Dream with Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin is awesome. We “met” on Twitter and have since attended each other’s live events (she’s in L.A. though so it’s harder to do regularly). Anyway, I had a blast on her Waking From The American Dream program last week. We talked about late blooming, getting into a healthy place to create and being related to famous comedians (she’s George Carlin’s daughter). Also, she played two songs of mine as well, including the podcast premiere of a new song of mine called “Better Let Go” (the demo version!).

Here it is And you can download it on iTunes, here.  

The Music Biz Weekly Podcast with Brian Thompson (Thorny Bleeder): Ep. 22 -Paul Myers Discusses Content Creation in the Digital Market

This was fun, too. Here’s how Brian Thompson describes it on on his Thorny Bleeder site:

“Today’s podcast is a hilarious, engaging and informative discussion with Paul Myers on content creation in the digital market. Paul has tons of experience in many different content types from music, book publishing, journalism, writing, broadcasting… you name it, he’s done it. He’s also a digital native and is involved online with both his music blog and twitter account, so he has a great sense of how to leverage the power of the internet to propel his content.”

The Thorny Bleeder site link: HERE.

Here’s a Soundcloud of the podcast.

One Response to “Paulcasts?: A couple of podcasts I did.”

  1. Paul: Please NEVER say you “proceed to talk to much”. Also, never, ever say you “write to much”. I have really enjoyed hearing your insights on Rundgren Radio and certainly loved reading “A Wizard, A True Star in the Studio”.

    Please keep up the babble and scribbling. I, for one, am really enjoying it.

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